Hello again! I know I've been MIA on my blog for what seems like years but with my blog Instagram page keeping me busy at the moment, now seemed like a good time to start things up again. I decided to set up this post after reading Callie Thorpe's lovely blog because it seemed like a really positive way to recap my goings-on. So much has happened since I last posted on here but, instead of waffling on about the past year, I'm just going to focus on the past month - which happened to involve a very exciting trip to Thailand.

1. Trying out Coppa Club's Summer Paradise Pods

I’m a big fan of Coppa Club, I was even lucky enough to get to preview their winter igloos during filming for a video back when I was working at Secret London. So, needless to say, I jumped at the chance to try out the summer version of these pods with my girls. We even managed to book one at dinner time on a weekend and had the perfect evening sipping pitchers of cocktails and stuffing our faces with pizza.

2. Getting back under the water

Diving is one of my biggest passions, so when my family raised the subject of a big family holiday one thing I requested was a destination that included scuba diving. We decided on Thailand (much to my delight) and Oliver and I headed off on a three-dive day trip pretty much as soon as we arrived in Phuket. Our dives were really great and Oliver even saw his first shark on our second dive of the day. Oh, and full disclosure, I actually took this photo in Barbados, it's purely for illustrative purposes as we haven't got round to going through our GoPro footage yet!

3. Eating street food in Bangkok

We had an amazing time in Bangkok staying at the incredible Banyan Tree hotel. I might even put together a city guide later because, with the help of a book called The 500 Hidden Secrets of Bangkok, we discovered some seriously good hidden gems. One thing that really made our trip though, was eating a big bowl of ramen broth with dumplings at a street food stall on the side of the road. I definitely remembered just how much I missed Thai street food.

4. Remembering how lucky I am

Life is a funny thing, one day you're at rock bottom feeling like you'll never be happy again and the next - well, ok, a good few months later - you're feeling more positive than you can ever remember feeling. Returning to Koh Phi Phi with Oliver and my family reminded me of just that. I am thankful every day for what I have but thinking about the past really puts everything in perspective for me.

5. Discovering new beauty products

I was recently sent a few beauty products from some new brands and I'd just like to give a big shout out to them here. First up: Forest & Shore's Hallelujah Hair Oil. After years of straightening, curling, bleaching, and blow drying it’s fair to say my hair falls into the ‘damaged’ category. I’ve definitely noticed a difference since I started trying this out though, so would 100% recommend to any other gals struggling to keep their highlighted hair looking healthy.

I've also been trying out Skinkissed's Vitamin C Serum and I would definitely say I've seen some good results. I've got classic combination skin with an oily T-zone so this has been great for combatting the shine whilst also keeping my skin glowy and fresh. It's made up of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and Rose Water so not only does it really show results it also smells divine. 

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