We touched down in Miami on the 16th of January feeling very jet-lagged, but looking forward to the next leg of our journey. I’ve been dreaming about taking a road trip around the USA for years, so this was the moment I had been waiting for. We had arrived!

Miami is gorgeous. Looking back, I would say it definitely has a place in my top-five favourite American cities. This was largely down to the beauty of the South Beach area – which was where we were staying – home to some of the most beautiful art deco buildings in the world.

We did a do-it-yourself National Geographic walking-tour of the Miami Beach Art Deco Historic District, which you can find here, as a cheap alternative to the vastly-overpriced organised tours.

Naturally, we spent most of our time in Miami on the beach, sipping cans of ‘Mike’s Hard Lemonade’ and soaking up some much-needed vitamin D, after two months of cold temperatures due to the high altitudes in South America.

In-between tanning sessions we did make time to visit a gallery called Wynwood Walls, which I would highly recommend.

It showcases a really diverse mix of large-scale street art and mixed media pieces.

After a fantastic few days in Miami we picked up our rental car – a swanky new Chrysler Pacifica – and hit the open road. Our next stop was Orlando, Florida – a place I have a big soft spot for. As a child, I was lucky enough to experience two family holidays visiting the theme parks in Orlando, so every time I return it brings all those happy memories back. Here, we spent two gloriously sunny days in the Universal Orlando theme parks, running from ride-to-ride to fit in as much in as we could.

We even found a little piece of London!

And narrowly escaped an encounter with a grumpy T-rex.

Two perfect days.

  1. The gallery looks so cool! I love all the mixed media pieces


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