Our last stop in South America was Colombia, and as we were left with a bit of extra time in Bogotá, we did some research and decided to head to Salento - a town in Zona Cafetera famous for it’s coffee. We chose to stay in a hostel called Luciérnaga which we’d recommend despite it’s rather patchy wifi connection! The must-do in Salento is a coffee farm tour and there are loads to choose from. After a bit of research we settled on Finca Don Eduardo, the coffee farm attached to The Plantation House hostel, which ran tours in English everyday at 9am.

We arrived at The Plantation House just before nine and changed into the complimentary wellies offered by the hostel. These turned out to be entirely necessary as the path to the coffee farm was pretty treacherously muddy. The tour is ran by its eccentric English owner, Tim, who took on the coffee farm nine years ago as he was looking for a new project. You can easily see why Tim and his wife fell in love with the place.

Tim was a great tour guide and his knowledge and enthusiasm really came through, so I’d definitely recommend this tour to anyone travelling to Salento. 

Oh, and how cute are pineapples when they’re growing? I had no idea that’s how they were farmed!

The tour concluded with a demonstration of how the coffee beans were turned into coffee, which was a lovely touch, and the coffee really was delicious.

The cost of the tour was 30,000 pesos (around £8.45) each which we felt was fair for a four hour experience. We finished the day with a traditional Colombian meal of trout at El rincon de Lucy and a few cocktails back at our hostel. 

Not a bad day!
  1. Wow these photos are beautiful. I've never been to Columbia but a few of my friends are there currently. It looks like it was a really great experience.

    Chloe / Mojichlo

    1. Thank you! Yeah I'd definitely recommend it - especially Salento, it was so beautiful. Also heard great things about Medellín if you ever are planning a trip! x


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