Friday, 4 November 2016

Field of Light

During our time in Uluru we were lucky enough to experience Bruce Munro’s Field of Light exhibition. This illuminated field of solar powered light stems was a once in a lifetime experience so I thought I’d share some of the photographs that my very talented boyfriend, Oliver, managed to take during our visit.

The installation is made up of 50,000 stems of colour changing light.

The exhibition is located in the desert surrounding Uluru and the tranquility of this area at night was a perfect setting.

Bruce Munro’s site specific installations have been exhibited worldwide, including at London’s V&A and at the Eden Project in Cornwall. 

We took our time walking through the illuminated paths and enjoying the atmosphere.

It was a perfect way to finish off our adventures in Uluru and we were definitely glad we'd 'splashed out' on tickets! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this experience. Tickets - including a shuttle bus service to and from your Ayers Rock Resort accommodation - were from $35 and the exhibition runs until March 31st 2017. 


  1. That looks amazing. Almost space-like and futuristic, love it!

    1. It was just gorgeous. I love finding exhibits that people are surprised by x

  2. This is absolutely stunning, youre so lucky to have had a the chance to see it x

    Dana |

    1. It was definitely one of those 'right place, right time' moments! Keep an eye out for the artist though, he exhibits worldwide in all kinds of different spaces x