It’s safe to say that we were all rather unprepared for the weather that awaited us along the south coast of Australia. It was unseasonably cold due to a series of storms which had put parts of Victoria on a ‘severe’ weather warning. Our plan of camping our way along the Great Ocean Road before heading up the east coast now seemed laughable. 


Melbourne is renowned for its street art. Even our hostel had jumped on the bandwagon and hired graffiti artists to plaster the walls with colourful designs. We had heard that there was a great self-guided walking tour you could do through the city centre to see some of the best graffiti Melbourne offered, so, after a bit of research we headed to Flinders Street station to see for ourselves. I’ll reproduce the route here so if you ever happen to be in Melbourne you can go have a look too. I’d highly recommend it and it won’t take you more than an hour with ample stopping time. 


During our time in Uluru we were lucky enough to experience Bruce Munro’s Field of Light exhibition. This illuminated field of solar powered light stems was a once in a lifetime experience so I thought I’d share some of the photographs that my very talented boyfriend, Oliver, managed to take during our visit.


After a final few days in Bali, in which I quite possibly managed to consume my own weight in mie goreng (fried noodles) and avocado juice, we packed our backpacks and hopped on a flight to Melbourne, Australia. Here, after an overnight pitstop in a rather chilly Melbourne hostel, we headed straight back to Melbourne Airport to board a flight to Uluru, more commonly known as Ayers Rock. 

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