After the initial shock of my grand entrance had worn off, I settled into what was my second ever holiday with Oliver and his family. It was so exciting to see Oli, especially after such a positive reaction from him to my surprise. We kicked the celebrations off in style with a gorgeous meal at Tahini, a sushi restaurant in Puerto Portals, with Oliver’s parents that evening.

We started the holiday as we meant to go on - I don’t think I’ve ever had so much amazing food and drink in a single week! I’d never been to Mallorca, and I’ve only been to Spain once, so it was great to get a chance to explore this new place with my best friend.

We had a lot of fun wandering round the old town after picking up Oliver’s suit for the wedding at Zara (a brand that is infinitely better on its home turf!).

I didn’t expect Palma to be such a beautiful city, having always thought of Spanish getaways as package holidays for sunburnt Brits. I soon realised how wrong I had been. The architecture was gorgeous and the streets were full of old-world charm.

One of my favourite places we visited was Cala Cap Falco beach, which you can access by car or speedboat. We had a great day chilling out on the beach, before heading out to the Nikki Beach White Party.

Cap Falco has a really chilled out atmosphere and a great restaurant, so you could really make a day of it. We’re definitely planning on returning by speedboat for another day drinking Coronas with lime in the Mallorcan sun!

After a few days at the villa we moved to the hotel where the wedding was being held.

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The hotel and its gardens were like something out of Condé Nast Traveller.

It was great to meet all of Oliver’s family properly and I was honoured to be there with everyone, to celebrate Lara and Joe’s big day. Lara looked insanely beautiful and they made such a gorgeous couple. It was clear how happy they both were and the wedding itself was breathtaking. The planning and the detail that had gone into the day really showed. That, paired with the setting, made for a seriously Pinterest-worthy wedding!

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It was great to finally get a chance to take some photos with Oliver as a couple, especially having been apart for so long.

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I honestly had one of the best weeks of my life and it was so hard to leave Oli after that for another three months. However, we’re on the final stretch now, so at least the end is in sight. I definitely look forward to coming back to Mallorca in years to come if I’m lucky enough to get another invite!
  1. Mallorca is such a beautiful place isn't it! I went there years ago when i was little on a family holiday so the parts we visited were much more touristy, but i'm loving the look of the old and traditional parts too. the wedding photos are so gorgeous as well! xxx


    1. So beautiful. I'd definitely only ever thought of it as a tourist hotspot so it was really nice to get a feel for the culture as well! x


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