Just a quick post to let you know where I am in the world at the moment! After getting back to England from my wonderful week in Mallorca I had planned to fly straight back out to Australia. However, I had by this point started to worry about how likely it was that I could immediately find myself a full-time job on my return to Oz (which I needed to have guaranteed in order to fund the second half of my trip).

After thinking it all over, I got in touch with my old boss in the UK to ask what he had available and I was made a temporary job offer I really couldn’t refuse. After this, I decided to bite the bullet and stick it out with full-time work in the UK for three more months. Living at home is also saving me a lot on day-to-day expenses, so it really made the most sense for me.

I’m now just over halfway through that time in England and I’ve added two weeks in Bali to my trip as a stopover on my way back to Australia (I’ll be leaving the UK on the 21st September). After that we have two months in Australia, two months in South America, and two months in the USA. We’ve booked flights back from New York to London on the 14th March 2017. My parents are also going to join Oliver and I for the last week in New York, which should be a lot of fun.

If you want to get hold of me I am in the UK at the moment and I’m available to contact for London-based PR requests at

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