After a stop in Franz Josef and a 13,000ft skydive over the stunning Franz Josef glacier (named the 2nd best place to skydive in the world after Mt Everest because you're jumping over an area of rainforest, mountain, glacier and sea) we headed down to Queenstown. 

Sadly, I have no evidence of my skydive because to get photos and video it was an extra $175. As an eternally broke long-term traveller, I refused to pay this on principle and satisfied myself with the incredible memory of the experience that I left with.

By the time we made it to Queenstown it was the 13th of April, two days before my birthday. 

I can honestly say that there is nowhere in New Zealand I would rather have been to celebrate. I fell in love with Queenstown. Unfortunately I took pathetically few photos of my time here, with the exception of the highlight of this part of my trip: The Nevis Bungy.

134 meters of sheer terror. 8.5 seconds of free fall. The fear was real - as evidenced by my face in these pre-jump screenshots!

The jump was ridiculously scary. I found it twice as difficult as the skydive, but it really was an incredible experience and the perfect way to celebrate my birthday.

Once I get back to civilization I'll be able to add a video of the jump, until then you can find it on my Twitter feed @LilyBlogsLife. Happy Birthday to me!

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