At this point we're nearing the end of the New Zealand section of my travel blog. We travelled north from Fiordlands to Wedderburn. Population? Probably about 10. We definitely weren't in Wedderburn for the raging nightlife. We were there to cycle the very popular Otago Central Rail Trail.

I was sorely missing wifi by this point so I'd be lying if I said that the promise of free wifi at a cafe 22km into our 34km bike ride wasn't a great motivator for me. So off we went.

Sorry I've only got a few GoPro photos of this ride!

At 22km I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the 'Cafe' sign. Wifi! I could speak to my family, check my Twitter, message Oliver! But alas, no free wifi. It was only at the end of the trip that we realised we had ended up at the wrong cafe and that everyone else had sat in the correct place enjoying Internet for hours, wondering where Emma, Marten and I had got to.

While I have mentioned my need for wifi, I did, of course, really enjoy the ride along the way. The only downside to me missing the actual cafe in the end was that, in order to contact my mother, I turned on data for two minutes... Resulting in a £40 extra charge on my phone bill. Bloody O2.

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