I've just arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, after a very exhausting couple of days. The weeks before my departure were so jam-packed with bon voyage activities - not to mention a week skiing in the Alps with my boyfriend's family - that I barely had time to cram all the clothes and travel accessories I'd been hoarding into a backpack, the day before my flight.

I took two Qatar airlines flights to get here, stopping off in Doha. I've definitely come to the conclusion that plane travel on my own is really not a lot of fun. I'd never taken a flight alone before yesterday, so I hadn't ever had to worry about who I would have to sit next to. The 'seat lottery' on my second flight left me stuck on the aisle seat next to two rather intimidating French men who stunk of cigarettes and kept getting up to use the bathroom. This was rendered even more soul-crushing when I remembered the eight year old boy I had passed on the way to my seat, sat comfortably in his first-class pod. 

I arrived in KL at 8am local time (midnight in the UK) feeling completely exhausted, but after a quick sleep and a shower at our lovely friends' flat I was more than happy to wake up for some wine and snacks with them on the balcony. 

The Petronas Towers looked particularly stunning at night.

I can't quite believe I'm actually here yet but I'm certainly feeling very glad to be off the plane for the time being and I'm looking forward to exploring properly tomorrow.

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