Just a quick post to let everyone who follows me know what’s happening at the moment with my upcoming travel plans. Essentially, everything I’ve planned is still going ahead, but I’ve pushed the trip back to leave on March 17th. Big thanks to STA and G Adventures for helping with the changes.

Long story short: I’ve met somebody pretty fantastic and I’ve been invited along on his family ski trip in Meribel at the start of March, which I couldn’t resist hanging around for.

I’m also now thinking of extending my travels to join my boyfriend, Oli, on the second half of his world trip, when he gets to Australia in September... So I might be travel blogging for longer than expected! If I manage to scrape together the funds I could be exploring South and North America for the rest of 2016. I'll see where this year takes me at any rate.

I feel like I should be seizing every opportunity I have to live my life to the fullest while I’m young, and this is definitely one hell of an opportunity. University will still be there when I get back, so for now I’m just going to see where this goes and not stress too much about planning for my future.

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