A few days ago, I returned home from work to see the hacked-off branches of our Christmas tree lying despondently in the driveway and felt the familiar pang of post-Christmas gloom. I guess it’s officially time to face facts: Christmas is over for yet another year. While my January diet may have started, I’m not quite ready to give up my Christmas spirit, so I thought I’d put up a rather photo-heavy post on my 2015 holiday highlights to keep the magic alive.

Our tree was as colour-coordinated and meticulously decorated as ever, but the beech tree ceiling branches at my boyfriend’s parents’ house got the award for 'best in show' this year.

London is so gorgeous at Christmas time and I’m a sucker for fairy lights, so a stroll down to Harrods and Harvey Nicks to admire their extravagant windows was practically mandatory.

Another mandatory London-based Christmas activity is Winter Wonderland. It might be overpriced and overcrowded, but Winter Wonderland is practically holy ground for all loved-up Londoners looking for a winter date spot. Oliver and I took a flask of sloe-vodka to supplement the overpriced plastic beer steins, and spent a brilliant evening wandering through the German markets, snacking on churros and hotdogs, spending way too much money on rides.

2015 was the first year ever I’ve attended a work Christmas party (as I’m now employed full-time) and it couldn’t have been more impressive. Battersea Evolution – where the event was held – actually used to be a venue I waitressed at when I was involved with event catering, so it was brilliant to come back years later, with my lovely new co-workers, as a guest.

Our house in all it’s glory on the big day and mother’s exquisite Christmas food had to make an appearance here! I feel very lucky to have had such a lovely family Christmas. Next year both of my brothers will be abroad and so (potentially) will I, so it meant a lot that we could all be together this year with our parents.

I was quite pleased with my Christmas wrapping this year. I was even more pleased with the homemade cranberry and white chocolate fudge I made to give out as small presents to Oli’s family, my colleagues etc.

My hand looked especially sparkly after receiving Christmas presents from Oli and his family, so I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of it in all its glory.

Boxing day with my extended family and Oli was just as nice as Christmas day itself. Nothing like gammon, fully-loaded potato skins and salads to mark the end of the holidays.

Finally, here's Oli and I at SKATE Somerset House earlier this week, just before we went to see Derren Brown’s Miracle at the Palace Theatre. It was being filmed for Channel 4 so I'm going to have to watch carefully to see if I can spot us gasping at Derren's stunts in the audience.

I’ve definitely had an amazing Christmas and I’m so grateful to be going into 2016 feeling very happy and extremely positive about the future, especially after a rocky start to 2015. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  1. It really does look and sound like you've had a lovely Christmas, I always love seeing photo heavy posts of something like this!

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

    1. I do always think to myself "is this worth publishing?", "does anyone want to read this?" but then I remember that I love reading about and seeing photos of other people's lives! So thank you for saying that. I hope you had a lovely Christmas too sweetie x


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