If I’m being totally honest, life has been fairly slow recently. I’ve settled into my new job as a barista (and become a bit of a coffee snob along the way), I’ve thumbed my way through three Lonely Planet books in preparation for my travels, and I’m actually managing to get to the gym a few times a week. It turns out the fear of looking like a blob on a sunny Australian beach is a great motivator.

However, with the exception of a few – dare I say, rather successful – forays back onto the dating scene, my now comfortable routine has brought with it a bit of monotony. When I’m not at work, most of my leisure time is spent working my way through every TV series on Netflix and adding clothes I’ll probably never be able to afford to my ‘Saved Items’ folder on ASOS.

It is for this precise reason that this week’s post doesn’t feature a fabulous London art installation, or a glamorous afternoon tea. Instead, this week I’m paying homage to the simple pleasures of the Great British ‘Bonfire Night’ with a no-nonsense photo post. I hope you like the pictures!

  1. Great post and amazing pictures :)

  2. These are some really good photos! I can never get pictures of fireworks! They always turn out blurry ahaha!

    1. I was surprised as well! I only used my iPhone so it's definitely possible to get good ones without a super high-tech camera x


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