Friday, 4 September 2015

Bucket List

1. Climb Kilimanjaro
2. Go bungee jumping (Queenstown 15/04/16)

3. Go skydiving (Franz Josef Glacier, 12/04/16)
4. Run a half marathon
5. Run a marathon
6. Go on a yachting holiday
7. Roadtrip around the USA (Miami to San Francisco, 16/01/17 - 2/02/17)

8. Party in Las Vegas (7/02/17)

9. See the Grand Canyon (6/02/17)

10. See Niagara Falls (4/03/17)

11. Eat beignets in New Orleans (23/01/17)

12. Travel round South America (Buenos Aires to Bogotá, 27/11/16 - 15/01/17)

13. Hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu (20/12/16 - 23/12/16)

14. Visit the Bolivian salt flats (11/12/16 - 13/12/16)

15. Go to Rio Carnival
16. Spend a night in the Amazon rainforest
17. Visit Rome
18. Visit Dubai
19. Walk along the Great Wall of China
20. Visit Tokyo
21. Do a great white shark cage dive
22. Go to the Olympics
23. Do a wine tasting (Waiheke Island, 26/03/16)

24. Visit Santorini
25. Go hang gliding
26. Become a Divemaster
27. Swim with wild dolphins (Kaikoura, 20/04/16)

28. See a whale shark whilst diving
29. See a manta ray whilst diving (Bali, 28/09/16)

30. See a hammerhead shark whilst diving
31. Swim with seals in Scotland
32. Do a colour run
33. Meet 'the one'
34. Travel in a helicopter (New York, 9/03/17)

35. Fly a plane
36. Buy a Mulberry bag
37. Buy a flat/house in London
38. Dive in Iceland
39. Get married
40. Have children
41. Go on the London Eye
42. Go up the Shard (6/01/16)

43. See wild manatees
44. Go zorbing
45. Fly in a hot air balloon
46. Experience zero gravity
47. Go skinny-dipping
48. Live and work abroad
49. Get my own pet
50. Learn a language
51. Get a job I love
52. Ice skate on a real frozen lake
53. See the northern lights
54. Stay in the Ice Hotel
55. See the pyramids
56. See the Colosseum
57. Visit all the Disney parks
58. Buy a car
59. Visit Hobbiton (Matamata, 24/03/16)

60. Ride the tallest roller coaster in the world
61. Ride the fastest roller coaster in the world
62. Go ice diving
63. Fly first class
64. Watch a film at an outdoor cinema (London, 10/09/16)

65. Spend a night at The Ritz
66. Go to Glastonbury festival
67. Go Interrailing
68. Visit New York at Christmas time
69. Climb the Eiffel Tower
70. Get macaroons at Laudrée in Paris
71. Go to Disneyland at Christmas time (Disneyland Paris, 13/12/15 - 15/12/15)

72. Go to a Lantern Festival
73. Travel by dog sled
74. Ride on a Segway
75. Fly in a private jet
76. Do volunteer work abroad
77. Go on safari in Africa
78. Go whale watching (San Diego, 11/02/17)

79. See the Sydney Opera House (30/04/16)

80. See Ayers Rock (5/10/16)

81. Dive on the Great Barrier Reef (17/11/16 - 19/11/16)

82. Sail the Whitsundays (8/11/16)


  1. Wow what an amazing list!
    I would definitely like to fly first class.. that would be such a dream!
    Santorini is on my bucket list too :)

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

    1. I've never flown anything other than economy so absolutely. And it means access to the first class lounge! I definitely have champagne taste but a lemonade budget at the moment though so probably won't be crossing that one out for some time! x

  2. Amazing list! I've done a few of them (you have to visit Rome, it is such an amazing place) and there loads I have on my list which are the exact same as yours.

    Sarah xx

    1. Oh I love Italy. I've been to Lake Garda and Venice and they were just dreamy. So jealous! x

  3. Wow... this is a very long bucket list, but full of cool adventures. My wish to you is to be able to fulfill it!!! :)
    I just arrived home last week and now you made me want to travel again!
    I'd love to visit Italy one day. You photos are amazing :)

    Lu |

    1. Thank you so much! I'm working on it, already planning the next great adventure. Travelling is so addictive once you start! x