So a few weeks ago – in the midst of my university third-year dissertation hell – I received a message from Baker Days asking if I’d like to review one of their letterbox cakes and I immediately cheered up. Little did they know, as I hadn’t tweeted about this previously, I had ordered from their company before. On my ex-boyfriend and I's first anniversary a few years ago I had surprised him with a letterbox cake as I couldn’t be with him in person (long distance relationship problems). Although I received some very cute pictures, I was much too far away to have a slice. So needless to say I was thrilled to be asked for my opinion!

It was a real struggle to postpone opening the little white box BakerDays sent through my letterbox until after my dissertation deadline, but I stayed strong, and on the 30th of April after handing in my 55 page essay (aaaand breathe!) I opened the cutest little celebratory cake possible.

I sent my picture to the company after they contacted me and they came up with a design, which was a lovely surprise. Their website is really easy to use and gives you the option of personalising text, adding photos, and choosing the type of cake (including gluten free) so there really is something for everyone. The cake itself tasted great. They stay fresh for about two weeks so leaving it for a week was no problem at all.

The packaging is also really well thought out, it arrived undamaged and the smell that hits you after opening the sealed tin the cake comes in is incredible. The cake even arrives with candles, a party blower and a few balloons, so you can have a mini celebration when it arrives! It is small, about the size of your hand if you spread out your fingers, but gives four people a decent sized slice each.

I’d really recommend them if you’re looking for an alternative to sending a Moonpig card or something along those lines. The fact that it can fit through your letterbox really removes all the hassle of having to be in to receive a delivery, so if you’re looking for a small gift for someone who you know is out of the house from 9-5 every day then Baker Days is perfect.

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