I recently ordered this card from Oh gosh, Cindy's shop on Etsy and I just felt so impressed that I had to write a quick post to express my gratitude. All I can say is get online and look at the shop for yourselves. Immediately. It's got an incredible variety of greeting cards and art prints that have all been illustrated by hand with watercolour and pen that really are special.

Basically, if you're looking for a card that isn't afraid to deviate from the generic "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations" model then look no further. Oh, and the card was delivered with a lovely little hand written message just to say thanks for the purchase. And that my friends is precisely why Etsy is such a satisfying online shopping experience.

Here's the link:

You're welcome.
  1. Aw that's so cute what a lovely little original idea for a card, makes a nice change from all of the typical ones.

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Exactly! So nice to find a card that doesn't just say "Happy Birthday" on the front x


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