After spending a full year chronicling my travels around the world, I fell at the final hurdle. We returned home on 15th March and, after one last-ditch attempt to get everything I’d experienced up on the blog in the form of my Florida post, I became rather distracted. I returned home to friends, family, a new flat and – rather unexpectedly – a job offer to write for one of my favourite websites, Secret London.


We touched down in Miami on the 16th of January feeling very jet-lagged, but looking forward to the next leg of our journey. I’ve been dreaming about taking a road trip around the USA for years, so this was the moment I had been waiting for. We had arrived!


Our last stop in South America was Colombia, and as we were left with a bit of extra time in Bogotá, we did some research and decided to head to Salento - a town in Zona Cafetera famous for it’s coffee. We chose to stay in a hostel called Luciérnaga which we’d recommend despite it’s rather patchy wifi connection! The must-do in Salento is a coffee farm tour and there are loads to choose from. After a bit of research we settled on Finca Don Eduardo, the coffee farm attached to The Plantation House hostel, which ran tours in English everyday at 9am.


If I’m completely, brutally honest, South America was never high on my list of travel-musts. I might not have planned this trip had I been in charge of the itinerary, but a happy coincidence - in the form of my lovely boyfriend, Oliver - brought me to Peru, in December 2016. Here, we spent the last few days before Christmas doing something that I had always wanted to do, hiking the classic four day, three night Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu.

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